Thursday, January 28, 2016

Welcome to the amazing world of Larry Evans' Fungal Jungal. To visit the Western Montana Mycological Association website, click here (site offline as of 02-24-16).

Under Travel you will find information about past mushroom trips inside and outside the USA, hosted by Larry Evans, the mushroom hunter-guru spotlighted in Ron Mann's comedy documentary Know Your Mushrooms.

Read more about the mysterious lives of fungi in the Essays page: Finding Mushrooms, Mushroom Ecology, and Deep Background on the fungal world.

Mushroom Photos & ID offers a photo-assisted index of mushrooms by name, allowing you to get familiar with the most common groups of mushrooms found in Montana and the Rocky Mountains. What's That Mushroom? offers a list of FAQ's and commonly encountered mushrooms.

Everything you need to know about preparing and eating wild mushrooms can be found under the Recipes section, including the very edges of edibility which we explore in our Mushroom Taste Test pages.

Check the Programs & Activities section to find out about upcoming workshops, lectures, and mushroom-related activities offered by Larry or the Western Montana Mycological Association. To see lists of lecture subjects, click the Bookings & Lectures section.

And don't forget! Mushroom gifts and treats can be ordered on the Buy Mushroom page.