Bookings & Lectures

Hunting Morels in the Burn Zone

heavens peak burn
Discussions of past harvest seasons, logistical challenges from steep slopes and raging rivers to encounters with wildlife, and other mushroom pickers! A survey of picking know-how, how to read habitat, indicator species,video clips, wild tales, and a song or two.  Short video clips cover the process of getting a personal use permit, assessing site conditions in a burn area, and all sorts of ways to stay out of trouble. Photos from dozens of burns from over 20 years experience in Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Presented by Larry or Tim

Mushrooms of the Upper Amazon Region
An hour of the most amazing and exotic fungi from the Bolivian, Peruvian, and Ecuadorian Amazon regions. Not only mushrooms but jaguars, otters, capybara, monkeys, reptiles, amphibians, and insects as well. A great introduction to neotropical fungi, discussing medicinal and food uses of mushrooms by local people, conservation, tourism, and petroleum development issues, and featuring lots of images from the primary rainforest, jungle rivers, and colorful locations. Presented by Larry

A capuchin monkey keeps an eye on us from the tree tops

Ask the Experts
Stories of mushroom identification embracing topics of interest to our readers. Subjects range from stinkhorns to corpse-finder mushrooms, squirrels and their relationships with mushrooms, mushrooms that eat petroleum, lots of myth-busting and full of neat and curious facts about the incredible world of fungi. To scroll recent subjects, click the ASK the EXPERTS tab above. Presented by Tim or Larry

Montana Mushrooms Identified: Seasonal

Pick a season and an elevation, and you never can tell what might turn up here in Montana! from finding truffles at 5900′ in January to Boletes in the backyard, we’ve seen some amazing and humorous identification dramas played out with our local fungi. Surprised to find a dozen species of mushrooms and lichens active in the winter? What water source drives spring mushrooms in Montana? Where to find mushrooms on the hottest day of summer? Can ya eat it? These questions and many more addressed….