From Novice to Chef: Mushroom Recipes For Every Occasion
Wild Mushrooms offer a new world of opportunity and delight to those who love to cook, but an understanding is needed of the various flavors and textures, both good and bad, and how to prepare mushrooms to best display their good qualities. A discussion of the culinary qualities of most commercially available mushrooms is here.

Mushroom Taste Tests
There are lots of ways to approach edibility. We have a tradition of Wild Mushroom TASTE TESTS comparing a number of mushrooms prepared in identical fashion, and judged by volunteer tasters! None of whom has taken ill or died, FYI. Several dozen species have been compared in events from Italy, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Illinois, and around Montana.

Mushroom Recipes – Back Issues
Looking for new ways to prepare your fungal finds? You can find restaurant-tested mushroom dishes in our RECIPES section, or check out back issues of the Fungal Jungal newsletter for ideas.

Oyster mushrooms and other members of the genus Pleurotus are pictured in the Family listings.

Cooking Truffles and other Fungi, or Not
Some of our members hunt truffles. These aromatic aphrodisiac fungi are important food for squirrels, deer, and other wildlife as well. You can also check our links for the North American Truffling Society.

Recipes for Morel Mushrooms
Morel mushrooms inspire the imagination of millions. Our site will tell you about the ecology of post-fire MORELS here in western Montana. Check our LINKS section, you can find hundreds of web sites that feature morels or morel hunting in various habitats, bulletin boards where the fruiting of morels is charted across the USA. Find out about our past morel hunts and join us on a hunt this spring!