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The Fungal Boogieman Is Here!
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Fungal Boogie

Fungal Boogie by Zoe Wood and Larry Evans features 13 songs about fungi, edible and otherwise, in a range of musical styles that includes blues, calypso, polka, and rockabilly. Zoe’s guitar is accompanied by percussion, bass, cello, and even harpsichord as she sings about AgaricusAmanita,PsathyrellaNaematoloma and other remarkable aspects of the Fungal Jungle.

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To read the lyrics to the songs, click here.  To order your very own personal shrink wrapped jewel case CD, for just $14 write to us at PO Box 7306 Missoula MT 59807

Mushroom T-shirts

Know Your Mushrooms! Show what you Know!
The latest in mushroom apparel is available now: All sizes, beige and light gray. Medium size is American small adult, if you get me…

Click here for an order form!  T-Shirts: $17 mail order to: PO Box 7306, Missoula, MT 59807.   Or purchase directly with PayPal below.

Stamp Out Fungophobia

Be an Ignorance Fighter with one of these T-shirts with the Taylor Lockwood stamp logo. Each shirt has a full sized image on the back and a small image on the front in the upper left hand corner.

Mushroom Books

Morelling by Margaret Evans $9 + shipping

Growing Green $9 + shipping

The Outer Spores by Paul Kroeger et. al. $25 + shipping

Mushroom Posters

Lichens of Temperate Valdivian Forest, 20″ x 30″

$15 Features over 50 species of lichens. In English and Spanish.

Know Your Mushrooms Movie Poster 27″ x 39″ $25