On this page I offer some images from mushroom adventures from North America, South America, Australia, and Asia. To find out about upcoming mushroom adventures in Montana and around the world check out the Programs & Activities page.

North America
  • An Introduction to Colorado’s fungi shows a couple of the hundreds of photos of fungi from forays at Crested Butte and Telluride.

  • A few common mushrooms from the Pacific Northwest

  • The Chronicles of Tok recount a 2005 morel expedition to the Alaska outback.

  • We always have a great time at the Sicamous Mushroom Festival. This area is famous for being the most amazing Matsutake area in the region. You can check out This Video to see more.

South America

  • Three years of visits to the Russian Far East are briefly summarized, and some postcards of Russian fungi are displayed.

  • Six months travel through Southeast Asia are reduced to byte size with a few samples of the local mushrooms.

  • Tibet, now incorporated into the PRC, was still a bit wild when I visited there in 1986-88.

  • During 4 years living in Japan and Korea, I taught English, hunted mushrooms, and played Judo.

  • For 6 months I toured Australia in a station wagon with 3 or 4 other travellers, from Daintree in the north to Alice Springs to Melbourne, Sydney, and Caines. No one else seemed to see the mushrooms… then for 6 weeks I hiked the forests of New Zealand’s South Island finding oddball fungi at every step.